‘Skratches’: The ‘Sketches’ Remix Project

Skratches | Hold Onto Me (Remix)

You helped make the album – now you can pull it apart. We call this The Skratches Project – and we want YOU to Show Us Yr Remix…

The Sketches Project was a 12-month-long collaboration between artist and audience to create new music, music videos, and the album Sketches. Now the artist/audience collaboration enters a new phase.

We want YOU to be a part of Skratches – download FREE stems via The Ray Mixx Free and Show Us Yr Remix.

The Ray Mixx Free

BabyLoan (Deepchild + AUTO64 Remix)
Sometimes (karoshi Remix)
Soapbox (SWING-O a.k.a. 45 Remix)
Sometimes (Sch├╝ftronic‘s Sugar Ray Remix)
Hold Onto Me (Kaito Remix)
Babylon (TJ Eckelberg‘s Speaking In Tongues Remix)
Sometimes (Bhikkhu Remix)
Soapbox (Amazon Liberty Remix)