Sketch #9: So Long Farewell

Q: “Where would you escape to?”

Version: 3.0 (final) | Date: 06.08.2012 | CD | iTunes
‘So Long Farewell’ stems | Tempo: 80 bpm | Key: E
Version: 2.0 (demo) | Date: 27.07.2012
Version: 1.0 (musical sketch) | Date: 05.07.2012

The Ray Mann Three ~ ‘So Long Farewell’
Ray: vocals, guitars | Joel Burton: bass | Grant Gerathy: drums
Recorded by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard Studios, Sydney
Additional recording by Ray Mann at Ori Studios, Berlin
Mixed by Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios, Sydney
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301, Sydney

Thanks for escaping with us: Cinnamon | Julia | Karima | Agi | Peta

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