Sketch #1: ‘Showya’

Q: What’s the best gift you were ever given? 

Version: 3.0 (final) | Date: 16.09.2011 | CD | iTunes
‘Showya’ stems | Tempo: 96bpm | Key: C major 7
Version: 2.0 (laptop demo) | Date: 08.09.2011
‘Showya’ | Version: 1.0 (rough demo) | Date: 03.09.2011

Call to action: As this month’s Sketches song+video ‘Showya’ develops over this month (September 2011), post YOUR response (drawing / photo / text / video / link  / whatever) to the question, and we can sketch together.

You can also Sketch by Remix: download the ‘Showya’ stems for free.

Ray Mann introduces Sketch #1, ‘Showya’ [via The AU Review]

The Ray Mann Three ~ ‘Showya’ | Ray Mann: vocals, guitars, glockenspiel | Adm Ventoura: bass | Ross Ferraro: drums
Recorded by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard Studios, Sydney
Additional recording by Ray Mann at Ori Studios, Berlin
Mixed by Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios, Sydney
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301, Sydney

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2 Replies to “Sketch #1: ‘Showya’”

  1. The best present I ever got was a treasure hunt. It started when I received a mysterious Facebook friend request from “Lil Key”. And then a series of photos showing this little key appearing in places all over Sydney. It soon became clear that these places were ones of significance with my girlfriend at the time.

    See this one:

    Over a period of several days, the photos kept coming, and then some clues that led me to a small blue security box… which was locked. So the hunt was on for the little key. Eventually, I received a clue that the little key was at a cafe where we’d first properly met. I raced to the cafe before it closed, picked up the key from the bemused guy behind the counter.

    And sure enough… the little key was the key to the security box. The contents of which will remain secret 😉

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