Two full-length albums are available on CD and iTunes:

Sketches (2012)

The Ray Mann Three (2008)


The Three digital-only EPs, featuring live tracks and remixes, are available on iTunes


Show us YOUR remix: stems available for download via The Ray Mixx Free.



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  1. Yuko
    Yuko at · Reply

    Ray mann..OhhhRay mann, Ray mann!! Your voice is magic..I’m totally addicted to the music you create. Please come to Melbourne more or come to Tokyo. Wanna know more about The Ray mann Three..I’m shocked being shocked!!

  2. Diana Jenkins
    Diana Jenkins at · Reply

    Hi, we caught you guys at the State Theatre on Tuesday night and loved your set. Any chance we can buy your album on vinyl?

  3. Tan
    Tan at · Reply

    Sitting at the Palais (Rev Al Green concert) listening to these guys for the first time and LOVING the funky groove and cool harmonies. How come we haven’t heard of these guys before?!? They are tight and chilled at the same time. Will definitely catch them next time they’re in Melb.

  4. Andy Christofi
    Andy Christofi at · Reply

    I saw you guys at the Palais in St.Kilda (Al Green show) on Thursday, 14 January 2010. Wow! Being a fan of (REAL) Soul and R&B from the 60s and 70s, I really don’t get into any of what is being labelled as this today. You guys give me hope that real music from the heart still lives. Thanks for a cool show.

  5. Diana Jenkins
    Diana Jenkins at · Reply

    Well, they sure love the vinyl in Tokyo, and now you’re signed to a Japanese label, maybe they’ll make it happen… here’s hoping.

    Glad the Melbourne crowd was as appreciative as the home crowd in Sydney – you guys were the highlight of the night. Thanks!

  6. Silvia Markovski
    Silvia Markovski at · Reply

    Ray Man Three – My ears have never been the same! Caught you at the Al Green Brisbane performance and WOW! Would just like to say you have amazing talent and Ray your voice is like no other; you have this wonderful ability to captivate people. I am getting married in November and would do anything to find someone that can sing and sound anything like you! I know this is a bit unlikely but if you & the band find yourselves free on the 19th of November and anywhere near Brisbane our wedding is being held at Sirromet ………would be a dream come true! You represent everything that is my partner and I; we have never come across music that we can relate to this much! XX Silvia & Floyd

  7. Bonehead
    Bonehead at · Reply

    Hey fellas,

    Ran into Grant having a swim in the surf yesterday at the ‘bra.

    Had never heard of The Ray Mann Three until I asked whether he was still playing music. Still playing music….fellas, I’ve just checked out your website and the tunes are brilliant. Congrat’s, you’ve nailed it. Not an easy jenre either, go knock those Japanese folk out with it.

  8. Josh Purnell
    Josh Purnell at · Reply

    hey there

    turned on ABC2 and you guys were on ‘live at the basement’
    dad sat down next to me and let me stay up towatch it.
    you guys were terrific! the last 2 songs really made me groove.
    keep at it!

  9. Joel
    Joel at · Reply

    Loved the new songs you guys played at your last Mac gig . I think you hinted at a new album on the way ….. : ) cant wait . I thought one of the songs had a touch of bluegrass vibe to it . Sounded awesome anyway . Difficult second album ……. not by the sounds : )

  10. C
    C at · Reply

    I’ve been following you guys forever, give us more tracks sooner, and more often please. I want to hear more tracks, which you probably haven’t released but should have. There all Amazing !!!
    Just do it :)

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