Gigs: Berlin, Spring 2017

Gigs: Berlin, Spring 2017

A season of headphones concerts, DJ sets, and band shows with the Brrrlin Three…

Ray Mann DJ set

When: Thu 13.04.2017 – 22:00-late
Where: Bar Walther, Kreuzberg

Feierabend on Easter Eve is at yr local with yr boy playing whatever feels good, from late til later.

Headphones Concert: Ray Mann (solo elektro)

When: Fri 05.05.2017 – 20:00
Where: [ofen] Bar, Neukölln

A unique live music experience: headphones for audience and performers. Ray Mann performs in solo electronic mode, playing live and directly into yr ears. Supported by Cora Sayers (Spain).

The Ray Mann Three

When: Fri 12.05.2017 – 20:00
Where: Bar Bobu, Friedrichshain

The Brrrlin Three plays a live headline club show – just you and us, all… evening.

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